Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Release the toxic people/relationships

It doesn't just go for boyfriends, but any relationship! 
There are "friends" that just are so opinionated, and aren't there but for when they feel they should get involved & really step in when not asked too.  You don't hang out with these people, talk to them on the phone, in person, email or text with them.  They just pop up at random times & jump on in.  I am sick of the negativity and nasty opinionated comments.  Toxic people who have no idea what it's like to walk in your shoes but try to act like they've had any idea where you are. 
We are all different people with different ideas of happiness. Your lifestyle is not, was not and will never will be my life and I'm OK with that.  But please don't act like you have ANY idea what my financial situation is about or that you've had anything close to what I've experienced.  You are in a way different ballgame than I have ever played in!  And you've never gone through the ending of a marriage and having the emotions that I've had or been on the same field in this game either. I believe in love at first sight!  I want love, I found love and I'm going to enjoy the ride!  My roller coaster goes faster than yours, that's my choice, we all choose our own speed setting in life!

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