Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 years ago today...

It's hard to believe that it was 5 years ago today that I last heard my father in law's voice.  Tomorrow marks the anniversary of his death and the mark that our lives would never be the same again. 
It was Wednesday, January 24, 2007 and I was driving home from work after having picked Tanner up when I called to see how his day was going.  He'd been released from the hospital jsut a few days before & had still been home from work and just relaxing on the couch and lying low.  We talked about some movies I'd loaned him and I asked what htey were doing for dinner.  He didn't know, but thought the shrimp, baked potatoes & garlic bread that I was going to make sounded good & suggested I call Suzette.  So, I did.  She thought so too.  When I got home, Chad was in the shower & I told him we were going over there for dinner.  he let out a big sigh of not wanting to go and I told him he could suck it up that it was going to help his Mom out with dinner tonight and there was no reason we couldn't go over there and spend some time this evening.  I am SO glad now that all of this went down teh way it did...Little did we know this would be our last meal together.  Suzette had to go pick up some meds for David so when we got there a nurse was just laeving from giving David a shot or something.  He was sitting in the kitchen & stayed in there and read a Sesame Street board book to Tanner as I started getting dinner ready.  Chad was grumbling about ice on the drive & out trying to take care of that.  Suzette got home, dinner was finally ready & we all sat down.  David didn't eat too much when his back side started hurting so he was going to go lay down on the couch to give his bum a rest.  As he left the table and was rounding the stairs he said "good dinnern Holly".  By the time we left David was asleep on the couth.  It was the next morning that we awoke at 5:20 to the phone ringing, Chad trying to get to a phone (had to go down to the kitchen) and Suzette sobbing & trying to talk over the answering machine.  Chad raced back upstairs to get dressed & said his Mom couldn't get his Dad to wake up.  We could hear the sirens of the ambulance, police & fire trucks coming to the house.  Rachelle was calling me to find out waht was going on, I didn't know but told her I'm sure it was OK.  He had probably taken a sleeping pill & was just in a deep sleep and she couldn't get him to wake up.  I called Mom to come right away so I could get over there.  I woke them frmo their sleep too.  When I got to the house Suzette came to the door & I said everything's OK right?  She was crying, it was not.  David was gone.  She'd gotten up that morning & got ready b/c she was going to make him breakfast and spend some time with him before she had to go to work that day.  When she went down she saw David, head on the floor as he'd fallen from the chair.  He was already gone.

This was the last picture of all of us together.  It was Thanksgiving 2006.

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