Monday, January 30, 2012

HMMM...I wonder if others think like me

So does it make me a bad person to think that I really do have the best in recipes, dress my kid so much cuter than you or you, know the best ways to clean, wouldn't dare let my kid do that or go our dressed (or rather what they're not wearing), know the best places to shop, etc...

Does that make me a snob? 

I don't claim that the recipes are my creation by any means - I always give credit where credit is due.  I can guarantee you mine is better than yours.  And when I do a dinner party - let's just go from this list of recipes and stick with what I have in my head for the nights menu.  Cookie exchange - Can't we have a list of cookies & we all pick one from that?  Can I just plan that party for you? I really that set in my ways?  Yes, I think so...As hard as I'm trying to break out of that & be FLEXIBLE, it doesn't always seem to work does it? 

Just like the way my mom does it is better than the way your Mom did it.  You don't use a dish rag - gross!  You use a sponge.  Like that really makes a difference?  In the scheme of things, not really!  Funny that I actually think about stuff like that though!

I guess it's the controlling part of my personality!  Man, I need a pill that makes me just CHILL OUT and let it slide...

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