Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

WOW...seriously, I'm 39 years old?  I've been totally OK with this whole getting older thing, not bothered really by the fact taht I'd be turning 40 soon.  UNTIL...du du du, my annual visit to the Gyno!  Yep, Cathy's got me all kinds of freaked out now!  I can hear my clock slowing down and feel like I am not ready for this!  I WANT ANOTHER BABY...I told her I'm not trying but not trying not too.  She said if I really want a baby - I NEED TO BE TRYING.  I need to start doing the ovulation testing kits & paying attention to the days! 

Then I've started noticing more lines, bags under my eyes, that I really needed to get my highlights done...I'M GETTING OLD and I'm starting to freak out!  I've always loved my birthday & to say that it's any different today, would be wrong.  I still LOVE my birthday!  I just know that I need to get on this baby thing!  Oh wait, I should probably talk to Chad first to make sure we're both on board!  I know he really is not on board and that scares me! 

This song is playing right now (More To This Life by Steven Curtis Chapman) & I find this very fitting...this is my life, we only get 1 life.  MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR JOURNEY - for me that is family.  I want another child.  I want to have two little people that I raise.  I'm not done with just 1.  I'm not done wtih just my Tanner, I want another.  I want Tanner to get that dynamic in his life. 

"Make the most of your own journey from the cradle to the grave".  - Steven Curtis Chapman

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