Friday, August 14, 2009

A great saying for tweens & teens!

So much of growing up is an unbearable waiting. A constant longing for another time. Another season."

- Sonia Sanchez

This was on my daily calendar today. It just seems like the kids (girls I know) today can't wait to grow up. Things are so different from when I was growing up. Sure, we wanted to get boobs and wear bras, and to date boys. But at least we still played with girly things in elementary school and the styles on the famous young stars weren't so bare. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think all of the young & famous are wearing things like that. I just think back to some of the shirts, or low rise pants & pierced belly buttons and abdomial bearing shirts etc.

I think back to my Cabbage Patch dolls birthday party that I had in 6th grade & girls today wouldn't be caught dead having a party like that! LOL...we did look like big nerds though in the pictures from that party but it sure was fun!

WOW! How old do I sound with this?

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