Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So everyday as I’m driving to work and I’m listening to music, I can’t help but to be taken back in my mind to different stages of my life and the people from those times. I looked at a driveway and was reminded of a time/person even. It’s just strange how the mind works. People or places you haven’t thought of in ages just pop into your mind.

I have gone through so many stages in life and I really think that I have many side/faces to who I am. I used to be such a party girl, at times I’ve been a real goody goody, I’ve been a cheating girlfriend (sorry James – Spring Break senior year with an old fling from KC that I ran into), a bride to be, a mother to be, a wife, a mother, a Leasing Agent, a Trainer, a Property Manager, An Assistant Property Manager, a claims assistant, a girlfriend, a daughter in law, a daughter, a babysitter, a sister, a friend, an Aunt. There are so many different sides to me and so many things about me that so many different people know. No one really knows everything though. It’s funny how there are those parts of you that you only keep for yourself.

Right now I would have to say that I love my life as a mother and a wife. Being a wife sure can be challenging and I never thought I would end up with someone who is so selfish at times. I sure wish Chad wouldn’t give the put out tone of voice so often when I ask him to pick Tanner up, or like yesterday when I asked if he could

OK, seriously!? What is wrong with people and the world we live in today.

Grown women really should know better than to do some of this just downright mean and stupid stuff that you read about them doing. I just read on CNN about a 40 year old woman who set up an add on Craigslist & used the picture and name of her ex husband’s 9 year old stepdaughter. It was an add that was sexually explicit. What is wrong with people! Just b/c you don’t like your ex husband or whatever the case may be is no reason to go after a child like that. WEIRD people in the world!

I also just read about a man that cooked their family dog to eat it. They said it’s legal to do that in New Zealand as long as it’s done humanely. That is just crazy to think that anyone would eat their pet. What is wrong with people? Dogs are not for eating!

We really are not safe anywhere! I just saw a story on the news about a woman was out for a walk, not far from her home in Georgia, in the early evening hours and she was taken. She was talking on her cell phone with her boyfriend when someone apparently attacked her as he heard her screaming & yelling no don’t take me. The phone went dead, they found the cell phone about two miles from where they believe she was abducted and have not seen or heard from her since. I always felt safer talking on my phone b/c for some reason I thought that would deter someone from taking you or that somehow people would be able to find you if you were taken while talking on your phone. No, they can’t SEE you or whomever is attacking you, they can’t SEE where you’ve been taken just b/c you have your phone with you & certainly this crime is showing that criminals are not afraid to nab you just b/c you are talking on your phone! Especially when you think it was the early evening hours, it was still light outside. What a scary, crazy world we live in today. It makes me sad for our kids that they don’t have the same freedoms we had growing up. We were allowed to walk way up the street, out of our parent’s sight to get to a friends house. It was never even a thought. Now, I wouldn’t let Tanner go up the street without watching him to make sure he makes it the whole way! Of course he’s also 3 ½ but still…so many weirdos out there & they will take a kid no matter the age. What about Shawn Hornbeck. He was taken when he was 11 years old while riding a bike to a friends house. Held for four years by a monster known as Michael Devlin. Then you’ve got Kelsey Smith who was shopping at Target around 6:30 – 7:00 in the evening and was abducted in broad daylight in the parking lot! Now that is scary. There are always people in that Target parking lot so how is it that no one noticed? You can even see on the parking lot survalence camera that he ran up to the car and there was a bit of a struggle to where he pushed her in. Did no one see that or see them driving away & her fighting him? I guess though that someone may see it & just think it’s a boyfriend and girlfriend in a fight and not really even think twice about it. Kelsey was raped and murdered and found a couple of days after she went missing. Very very sad for her family and for anyone that has to go through anything like that or what Shawn’s family went through. I wish nothing but the best in the outcome of this missing woman and pray that she is found OK and as unharmed as one could come out of something like that as possible.

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