Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Story from a sleep deprived Mother

So Tanner & I were driving home from our fun weekend in Edmond, OK yesterday when Tanner tells me that he need to poop & pee. So I tell him ya gotta hold it until we find the rest stop and then we can go. We get to the rest stop, into the bathroom, I get the toilet lines with TP (as he’s singing over and over about pooping), up on the seat & think I have “things arranged” so the pee will go into the toilet OK. So we’re waiting & I’m looking around & holding onto him so he won’t fall in when he starts to panic & holler at me b/c there’s a big puddle in his lap. Trying to clean this up & get it into the toilet, I’m just making it worse & have now soaked his underwear, got his shorts & sandals wet too. Threw the underwear away & got him cleaned up. So, no pants, I pick him up & try to cover his bare bottom with his shorts as we head out of the bathroom & get to the car. I open it up, get a pull up on him & head for the trunk to get clean shorts & different shoes. Closing the trunk I head back up to Tanner and after his shoes & shorts are on, I realize that I have now lost my car keys! I can’t find them anywhere & realize I’ve locked them in the trunk! So I’m in a panic on how in the world am I going to get them out! A car with a family pulls up next to me & I ask the father if he knows how to get keys out of the trunk when you’ve locked them in there but he only spoke Spanish & couldn’t understand a word I was saying! So I’m now in the backseat & trying to figure out how I’m going to get in there when I start crying & really begin to panic especially as I begin to think my phone may be in there too! I decided to look in my purse just in case it was in there. I’m thinking I gotta keep calm b/c I don’t want to freak Tanner out. Of course he’s oblivious to the whole situation & sitting in the front seat enjoying his popcorn from the day before. I am overjoyed when I find my phone in my purse and so I can call Chad for help! I begin to tell him all that’s happened as I’m crying and he’s asking where Tanner is so I tell him he’s safe and sitting on the front seat eating popcorn. Chad comes back with a question “is the car open”? “yes” I said. “Pull the trunk latch” he said.

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