Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yes, The Sound of Music...I was singing that in my head as I was typing my title! I loved that movie when I was growing up! I wonder if I could get my baby boy to sit through it? HMMM...

1.Ken's Steak House Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinegarette & it's SO good & low cal/low carb/low fat!
2. Samba Sangaria from Tastefully Simple Really anything from Tastefully Simple is a fav these days! My friend Jodi found a recipe on their website - White Pizza Dip with the Garlic Garlic & it was to die for! Also, I love the Almond Pound Cake, Rhubard Strawberry Spread, Key Lime Cheeseball, Twisty Grahams, Corn & Black Bean Salsa, Blue Tortilla chips...Simply Salsa (SERIOUSLY good & SERIOUSLY easy)! I could go on and on and on...Conference is this weekend up in Minnesota so they'll be rolling out the new line for us to see! Can't wait to hear how everything is!
3. Jose Peppers - fajitas, pollo magnifico, tacos el carbon, cheese enchiladas,taco salad. They have THE BEST ESPINACA too!
4. Penelope Manwaring (the best hairdresser ever!)
5. Warm sun on my skin Sometimes when I go outside after work the sun just feels so good! I am inside the office from the time I get to work until I leave most days. It's so cold inside that I have a space heater at my desk.
6. Hanging out with my girlfriends & chatting! Doesn't matter whether it Glendy & Jodi or Holly and Lindsey, always a good time with my girls!
7. Tanner's laugh. As I was tucking him into bed last night he got the giggles and man, I love the sound of his laugh.
8. Spending time with my Mom. Don't get very much of it anymore since she's gotten remarried and is always preoccupied with Jack.
9. Reading some of the blogs that I follow.
10. Food Network! Man, I'm telling you that I am seriously addicted to some of their shows. I really don't like to watch the ones where they are cooking, Ina, Giada etc., but rather the challenges, unwrapped, Ace Of Cakes, Next Food Network Star, Diners Dives and Drive Ins (or whatever it's called) etc...Last night I was watching Unwrapped before bed & they were talking about foods that "make Chicago". Now I'm not a fan of the way they were eating their hot dogs up there (they make a sandwich on top of the hot dog. What is that all about?), but it's such a good show!

Now I know I'm totally missing a lot of things but I guess I'll end my list for the time being...

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