Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twilight fans

OK, so I thought this would be really fun if you had a teen or tween that was really into Twilight!

A Twilight party! Whether it be a birthday party or just a party to get together & go see New Moon when it comes out. This would be a must have...

Check out Birthday Direct, they even have actual party supplies with the Twilight characters

And for the girl that is REALLY into Twilight...

I'm trying to think of any movies that were THIS big when I was growing up, but I just can't think of anything that had such a following. I really liked my Sweet Valley High books in elementary school, but there wasn't a movie or any TV shows that went with it. Movies like ET, Splash, Footloose and The Goonies were really big, but they didn't have any sequals. Hmmm...I'm not sure that we even had anything like this.

I was driving home yesterday though when I saw a poster for 17 again in the window at Blockbuster and it got me thinking that Zach Ephron is today, what Kirk Cameron, Corey Haim, Shawn Cassidy, Andy Gibb and so many others were in the past. Trying to think of who else I thought was such a heartthrob - oh Scott Baio, he was cute!

And Mitch Gaylord! Man, he was a hottie & I had a lifesize picture of him on my door. His wife is gorgeous & they have three kids today. There was a movie with him that I used to love as a kid, American Anthem.

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