Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ahhh fall

So yesterday I went outside in the middle of the day & could not believe how cool it was! I was also heading to Bath & Body Works which was even nicer b/c I got some cinnamon candles. This time of you is all about the smells of fall (cinnamon) for me! I LOVE Fall! Pumpkins, chili suppers with cornbread, fall & Halloween decorations, sweatshirts & comfy jeans, Carmel Creme Latte from Tastefully Simple, crisp, cool days...I love everything about this time of the year!

It's funny b/c I really was in such a good mood enjoying Fall yesterday & today people are getting on my last nerve! I'm ready to sock someone...I just try to look at pictures of Tanner & come back down to my happy place. He's so darn cute I just can't stand it! He's started peeing at the big toilet this week, standing up at that! So proud! Oh the funny things that make you proud in life! When you are 13, 18,'d never dream you'd one day we saying something crazy like that!

I made a tarantula & put it out in the yard this past weekend & man it looked so good! Until Chad came home - got mad b.c he said it would kill out lawn & made us move it to the front porch! Thank goodness for a big front porch! It still looks good, just not as good! Oh well...guess I'd rather not have a big dead spot either!
Boy would I like to leave work & head home for the day...

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