Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An old friend

So glad that I got talked into trying Facebook out! My old friend Shannon found me after we'd found & then lost each other again after our 10 year high school reunion! So, this time when we found each other it wasn't full of good stories though from the past few years & what we'd been up too. Shannon was in a terrible car wreck back in Aug of 2007 and nearly died. She is now quadriplegic. I was devastated as I sat there reading her message to me with the news. The next day I was quite sad and kept tearing up as I would think about what life must be like, to think of the fact that she never married, had not had kids and now could not walk and had to have constant care just to get through everyday. I do believe though that if anyone can make it out of this, it's Shannon! She has the will & fighting spirit to turn it around and she really does have such a positive attitude that I think that will be part of what gets her walking again. It is amazing, but she is getting some feeling back and has already done better than what they said she would ever be able to do. Shannon and I have been friends since 9th grade when I moved to Edmond and even roomed together for a short period in the dorms our freshman year. Other than my being a total biznotch, I don't remember exactly what happened with us & why Shannon moved out. I don't know for sure how long we went without talking or seeing each other but I remember we were like best friends again at the 10 year reunion when we finally found each other after so long!

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