Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween at the Yankovich house

I've been busy getting ready for Halloween at our house! Love this time of year & have found more fun ideas this year & finally did some that I'd seen last year. Need to get some pictures of the outside now that some changes have been made & things added as well out there!

Sure am having fun getting things put together for Halloween dinner at our house & the party at Jodi & Mike's on the 25th. I'll have to get some pictures of inside of our house, I've bought some new decorations this year & the house is really festive! Looking forward to hanging out with friends & watching the kids have a good time this weekend & then again next Friday. Tonight we have Tanner's fall festival at school & I made some cupcakes and cut out cheese in fun Halloween shapes & will put with some Ritz crackers. Should be a good time! I can't wait to go home & frost the cupcakes b/c I'm doing white frosting & then bought the black spray & some cute spiders and bats that I'll put on top & some will have the black spray with black, green & purple sprinkles. I love my cauldron this year! I think it came out even better than last. I used bigger bugs, spiders & creepy things which I think worked better for it. I'm waiting to set it out front until closer to Halloween so hopefully it won't get ruined from rain this year. I need to find the broom that sits by it!

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