Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I sit here looking through Thanksgiving crafts & ideas I was just reminded of My Grandma & Chad's Grandpa that are no longer with us. One Thanksgiving when Chad & I had first been dating we were at my Mom's house. It was David, Suzette, Chad, myself, Mom, Grandma Helen & Grandpa Tony. I don't recall there being anyone else there with us. Aunt Verda had made, years ago, these turkey's that could hold a piece of candy such as a Hershey's kiss in them and Mom had them out on the table. Well, I guess Grandma was trying to EAT one & Tony caught her & got her to put it down. He was still mentally with it until the day he died but Grandma had lost hers years before she went. Oddly enough, these two died within one month & one day of each other! Chad's Grandpa first on Sept 10th & then my Grandma on Oct 11th. So sad to see both of them go! I still cry b/c I miss my Grandma so much at times. Oh man, it makes me sad to think about her being gone. : (

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