Thursday, October 30, 2008

Counting my blessings

So this morning I get an email from one of my oldest friends & find out that an old friend from Jr. high here suffered a major stroke last Feb and is now paralyzed and in a nursing home. I can not even imagine what that would be like for her mother, her husband, kids...for her. We get up each day and without thinking about it, we go to work, shop, take care of our kids, We can go for a walk, ride a bike, play basketball, carve a pumpkin or go on a hayride, give piggyback rides to our kids & play hide and go seek. For people like Allyson, she can't talk, brush her teeth, take a shower by herself or do any of the fun things that are just part of our everyday. You really don't stop to think until something happens to someone you know.
Then I find out that Mark Holt passed away, just about 3 years ago. I had heard that he was sick but I never knew that he passed away. I just found his obituary & it said Dec 19, 2005 was when he lost his battle with his cancer. : (
TOO YOUNG for tragedy and disease like this!
Stacy said they think the class of 1991 from South is cursed. there was another boy that I don't remember him, but his name is familiar that was in a motorcycle accident & is now a parapalegic, Adam Lane.
I'm not sure it's just the class of 1991 from South as I have a friends from OK that have had accidents or are now gone. We lost Mike Kelly to cancer, Shannon had her accident & is quadripelgic (sp?) and Jason Bronstad and Jared Hurley both commited suicide.

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