Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So excited for the week...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! This week I have Tanner & I all ready to wear our Halloween garb all week long! Whether it's just a t shirt, necklace or a pin - we are ready to go! He was a little disappointment this morning at just a t shirt after such a cool necklace yesterday though. Working on the final planning for Friday night & need to decide what I'm going to do on tables outside or inside. chad's vote is in the driveway, but then I think I don't want everything out in the driveway - garage would be better, but hate to have the car out on the street! Driveway things can blow away & then I have to haul everything out there. Who knows! It would make it easier to keep the kids outside. Saturday though I will be putting all of hte Halloween away & fall stuff come back out, with turkey's and all! On to thanksgiving! He's really going to die when I say we're doing Thanksgiving dinner at our house! : ) Can't wait to hear about that one...OH JOY!

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