Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol...

I will have to say that Mowtown week is my FAVORITE one on American Idol! I love the music, all of the music! Those artists really know music and can sing!
Adam & Matt are consistently giving great perfomances & Danny too!

So I don't like what I think is a cocky attitude. BUT Allison sure did bring it last night!
I thought Kris did really good too & for some reason I really do like Meghan!

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Calm In The Kitchen said...

We are definite Adam fans around here! Even with his strange adaptations...he is a performer for sure!

Allison is oddly cocky, I'll give you that, but she is GOOD. Such confidence for a 16 year old. And, really do we need another person who is "shocked" when the judges love them (remember Melinda Doolittle?).

;) amy