Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going a little too far!

OK, so I'm not a lesbian...but I think people have a right to live as they want to. Who am I to judge you? It's not my place & you're not hurting me. Anyways, I definatly think THIS is going way too far! Why can they say that a girl HAS to wear a dress? That is just crazy. I hope this girl wins & gets to wear her pants!

Unlike some people we went to high school with, one Indiana teen is hoping to keep her pants on at the prom this year. In fact, she's suing her school so that she can wear pants to the big event.

The unnamed 17-year old lesbian is suing because she thinks Lebanon High School's dress code for prom, which obligates her to wear a dress to the dance, is discriminatory. In her opinion, dresses are not part of her sexual identity.

The ACLU has got her back on this one, saying the school's policy violates the Constitution by creating a disparity in the treatment of male and female students.

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