Monday, March 30, 2009

Rough weekend

Well, it was a rough weekend around our house. Hubs had to report for work on Friday night at 10 with the snow they were calling for. Even though it wasn't supposed to start until 3 or 4 in the morning, they were making the night crew show up at 10! STUPID...He got home at 4 & slept until sometime around 11 I think? Trying to keep Tanner quiet was not the easiest thing to do! Then it did finally start getting nasty & he had to report back at 7:30 for snow plow duty again! I ended up cancelling my haircut b/c I didn't want Penelope sticking around just for me! I took Tanner to Grandma's house (just around the corner) at about 7:20 as he wanted to stay the night & play over there. At 8:40 I got a call that he wanted to come home so I went back out in the snow to get him. Good thing he did come home b/c he was up at 11 with an ear ache. I took him into bed with me since Chad was out plowing & we slept until 5:30 when he said he was ready to go back to his bed. So, carried him in crawled back in my bed and it was not 10 minutes later & his ear was bothering him again so I gave him another dose of Motrin. Poor guy...It got worse so I took him to the Urgent Care at CMSH. We were in and out in hour so that was really good! Espeically when I hear stories of people being in there for like 3 hours waiting sometimes. There was no one in the waiting room when we got there. They said that it seemed like his eardrum gave way in one area so fluid was coming out. Poor little guy was in a lot of paint! We went home after we got his meds & he fell asleep. He had insisted that he still wanted to go see Monsters vs. Aliens so I woke him up & we went. You could tell he was not himself & we didn't make it through the whole movie. Seemed to be feeling a lot better though after his nap and was OK this morning too. It's not been hurting anymore so obviously the meds help him pretty quick! It's been like that with his past two or three ear infections. Almost as soon as I get him going on the meds he starts getting better. I've never had one so I have no idea what it's like.

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