Monday, March 30, 2009

what a great movie!

Monsters vs. Aliens came in with $58.2 million in sales this weekend. WOW, I believe it! The theater we were at on Sunday morning for the 11:30 show was packed! We were at the 3-D one and funny thing, I don't even remember knowing that there was a 3D option for the movie! Anyways, wish Tanner had been feeling better as I know he would have enjoyed it more. He kept talking about it last night telling Dad all about it so I guess he did enjoy it to some degree. THe last time I remember seeing a 3D movie they handed out the paper glasses with blue and red! These were like plastic clark kent glasses & way better than the old kind...Better be for $9.95 at the first show of the day that is usually just about $6.00! Thank Goodness Tanner is still free.

Here's a picture of the boys before the movie started...You can totally tell Tanner wasn't feeling well. I asked him several times if he was sure he felt OK and wanted to stay and the answer was yes.

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