Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 60, 61, 62, 63

Day 60 - Saturday...I am thankful for the chance to make fun memories with our kids!  Tanner and I went out to Monkey Bizness with Anna & the boys today.  Then the boys had a great time playing into the evening & I made them some dinner.

 Day 61- Sunday - I am thankful I didn't break a bone today!  The school sent home a pass for roller skating with three dates to choose from!  We went today from 2-4 & Tanner had a great time!  I even put on roller skates & made it around many a time without falling!  What a fun afternoon!

Day 62 - Monday - Thankful for helpful neighbors!  Thank you to Kaleb Wright for helping me move the table from the basement to the playroom so we could start getting Tanner's room back together!  I'm also thankful today that Tanner & I can do things on our own!  INDEPENDENT - I have always been independent and it feels good knowing that I'm showing Tanner I can do things that he had no idea Mom's even knew how to do! 

Day 63 - I'm thankful for a new year!  As one post I saw on FB today...

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