Sunday, January 6, 2013

Turning 40...

SO, I',m 40!  I'm one of the only friends of mine that's OK with it,  actually excited for this next decade!  It's better than the alternative right?!  The day started out pretty well, I was in a good mood and enjoying some coffee, on the computer cropping pictures & doing my morning deal on the computer.  Of course, my birthday is always an emotional day for me since losing my Dad and this was even harder having just gone through everything with Brad.  I was missing him so bad this morning and spent some time crying.  I was really a mess all day and in tears on and off!  PMS at it's finest...My Mom called around 7:30 & said she'd be by after Weight Watchers, she was going to stay for the meeting (which is over at 8:15).  She doesn't get to the house until 9:15 and I'm trying to hurry to get ready & out the door b/c I was supposed to be at my friends house around 9:25 to head over to Nordstrom Rack before coffee at 10.  My Mom showed up with my present and it was as if she wasn't going to see me again so I was all kinds of upset!  I've never not spent the evening with my Mom and done dinner on my birthday.  SERIOUSLY...I'm 40 years old and have had dinner on my birthday every year with my Mom!  So when she said she'd have to talk with her husband to see about dinner, I was crushed.  By the time I was alone and in my car I was teary eyed and trying not to let her see as I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  Just an all around sucky morning!  Again - DARN PMS! 
My friend Lynna & I went and grabbed Starbucks did a little shopping and then onto lunch!  Darn Garozzo's for not being open for lunch on Saturday's!  We went to Zio's and had a huge lunch!  
Thanks Lynna!
Then it came time for dessert & as soon as Lynna told me to make a wish, I was in tears and crying all over again!  UGH...REALLY?!  Yep, my wish, I can't say it out loud but it's just so damned hard! Can't help who we fall in love with.  Even when they let us down and break our hearts, doesn't just make ya fall out of love.  Can't control the heart!  So...alone on my birthday and missing him - SUCKS!  My Mom called & decided she'd meet us (my ex husband was bringing Tanner home soon) at the house & go to Dave & Busters with us.  I thought that would be fun & something Tanner would really enjoy too! 
This was a lot of fun & we won over 600 tickets while we were there on games and just enjoyed the afternoon spending time with two of my favorite people!  My Mom and Tanner!  
Loved watching him enjoy himself!

I let Tanner choose the prizes that he wanted with the tickets.  $40 of game play & we left with two little gumball machines, some sour candies & a big Pixie Stick!  It was a good time & lots of fun memories of my 40th birthday with my Mom & little man!
Then it was on to dinner...where to go?  The Legends was PACKED and didn't have any ideas in mind on where to eat, we ended up at Tanner's pick - Applebees!  Mom & I split the appetizer platter & an order of these yummy pretzel stick things with a beer cheese dipping sauce.  SO GOOD!  
We get back to the house after dinner & Mom mentions candles and singing happy birthday and all I can think is Oh Holly...hold it together!!  Thankfully I made it through them singing, made a wish and blew out the candles! 

Mom left shortly after 8, Tanner got his PJ's on & was in bed and I was left to my pictures and the computer once again.  I was EXHAUSTED and mentally and emotionally drained!
Happy birthday to me...

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