Friday, January 18, 2013

We really are all alone...

Feeling very alone.  Needing help & there is no one there to help me. 
You talk about some of the projects your ex didn’t do over the last few years and now they are to a point where they HAVE to be done and they say “Call one of those handyman with a little side business.  That’s what they do”.  Yes, because I have extra money lying around to pay someone.  Thanks…thanks for that. 
I have decided that if you don’t have a husband or a boyfriend – you really have no one.  No one that is there to help you when you need it.  I SO DO NOT miss being married for so many reasons…but when I was needing help moving furniture it sure was discouraging & got me thinking about this.  As I told my son, he’s really the only one I can count on.  And even then – I can’t count on him b/c he’s 7…he can’t help me with many things around the house.  He said can you count on Brad?  I said no, he’s not here.  What about Holly, you can count on Holly.  No, not really, she’s married and has her own family.  She’s not always available.  Grandma Jo?  Well, she’s got Grandpa and she’ s not always able to be there to help me.  You have Meskerem, and Schonna.  He’s so cute!  Love that kid trying to make me feel better about the situation!  It’s just something that I was really realizing last night as I needed help and had no one there to ask for help.  People are busy and don’t have time for one another.  Crazy world we live in.    

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