Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am heartbroken and feel like I'm falling apart.  I don't want to go on without you.  I miss your touch, your breath on my skin, you smell.  I never knew that it was possible for your heart to ache - ACTUALLY ACHE - like this!  I am miserable without you!  Sure, I remember how stressed out I was after a few months of no job coming through and your depression was spiraling downward, but that, I'd take that over the heartache I feel now.  Well, no I can't say that b/c I want a healthy you that is getting sleep and able to function in the everyday world!  You WILL get there!  I have faith in Dr Stephens and he will help you get this figured out!  People who think they know anything about you or anything about your insomnia - they have no idea.  They only know what they go through & about their insomnia.  No two people's experiences are the same.  I wish that those people could go through just one week of what you've been experiencing for the past what 6 years?    Yea, then come tell me how he should be able to function just fine as you do!  I, after living through it for months am, one of the few that understands.  I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I'll love you tomorrow. 

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