Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am worth so much more...

THANK YOU for showing your true colors to me just one more time so that I could finally see that things were never going to change.  I AM WORTH SO MUCH more than to be called a cunt, whore, bitch, fat, ugly, piece of trash, nigger lover...My son is not a mongaloid, piece of trash or douchebag as you called him!  Take yourself on down the road and try to find another woman that will take care of you the way that I did, love you the way I did & put you on this pedestal, put up with what I did for as long as I did and would have made you a very happy man for the rest of your life!  All I asked for was that you get a job, contribute to the household, to give up the drinking, to be a responsible grown man.  So I say once again, THANK YOU for your drunken rants and texts that have opened my eyes.  I finally realized that by me letting you go, it was not throwing a person away as I felt like people were telling me to do for so long.  It was me realizing that you would never be willing to take the steps to make the changes for anything good or positive to ever come from the relationship, from your life.  You don't love or respect yourself or me enough from the actions you have shown. 
Your demons, your lies and negative thoughts are too big for you and FAR too big for me.

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