Monday, March 11, 2013

What type of Mom are you?

So I've been thinking about Mom's & what type of Mom's we are and how we're all different.  I am very nurturing and want to be there to take care of my my son when he's not feeling well, I'm there with hugs and positive words, trying to build up his self confidence!

This quiz just said I'm the Multi-Tasking Mom.  I get that a lot, people wondering how I do it all.  Well, I will say that since I filed for divorce last June - I have not been doing a very good job!  Seriously...I have been a multi-tasking mess more like it!  HA...I've just had so much on my plate and been so overwhelmed with everything that so much has slipped by the wayside it seems.  I'm still trying to get back to being "that Mom"!

It's funny what you find when you're looking this up on Google.  Here are a couple "types of Mom" articles that I found & thought were funny/interesting.

Hey, Facebook Moms! I heard ya, loud and clear. It seems I left quite a few of us off the list of 10 Types of Moms on Facebook. Thanks to your responses, I added to it. Think we can get to one hundred?
Type Of MomWho She IsTypical Status
The Blue Ribbon MomHow will the world know her children are prodigies unless she endlessly boasts about them?"Phillip took 1st place in the pre-K talent show with his dead-on impression of Sir Anthony Hopkins doing Hamlet while riding backwards on a horse! SO PROUD!"
The Au Naturale MomShe would never judge you for choosing to get your children vaccinated. She's too busy washing her cloth diapers in the river after photographing her kids in a field of sunflowers. (Note: NOT in an Anne Geddes kind of way.)"Anyone got any good placenta recipes? I'm so sick of the one I usually make."
The Potty Training MomWhat's that sound? I think I just heard a plop and a tinkle in my news feed! Charlie made a #2 in the potty today! Three cheers for his clean underpants!
The MommyjackerHow does she do it? How does she manage to make every single one of your status updates into something about her kids?Post: Liam Neeson is such a badass in Taken 2 as a former CIA agent!

Comment: "Little Eleanor hasn't "taken" one, two OR three naps today! Does Liam Neeson have any current experience as a CIO (cry it out) agent?"
The Paranoid MomNot a picture, not an update, not a personal bit of anything. After all, basically everyone is out to get her and her kids-- she saw that segment on the news about cyberstalking."Nice weather we're having today! Might rain, though."
The Show Me the Money MomGirl Scout cookies. Popcorn. Wrapping Paper. Her kids are selling it all, and lucky for you, you can pay her in cash at her next Stella & Dot jewelry party."Libby's school is raising money for their French Riviera trip! Help her reach her goal of $36,000 by buying Neil Lane diamond chip cookie dough."
The Hangover MomNo, not that kind of hangover. I mean a baby hangover. This mom can't let go... no matter how old her kids get."Look how adorable 40-year-old Betty looks on her first day of being Miss Big Girl Subway Franchise Owner!"
The Just Rejoined Civilization MomHer kids are finally grown and out of the house. Welcome back to the world, my friend. There's so much you've missed."OMG! You guys have to watch this-- I can't stop crying!" (Note: "This" refers to a link to Susan Boyle's original audition clip from Britain's Got Talent.)
The Means Well MomNo matter how many times you send her the link to Snopes proving they're hoaxes, she won't stop posting claims about online privacy changes and household items allegedly made with asbestos and/or dynamite."Warning! New study proves [insert name of the only food your kid will eat] contains non FDA-approved levels of arsenic and human hair!"
The Aspirational MomSometimes, when I can't sleep, I click through every one of her photo albums, admire her perfect teeth, laugh out loud at the hilarious thing her kid said today.... and wish I was her. Shhh. Our secret.Liz Kozak, please stop Facebook stalking me.

11 Types of Moms at the Playground
One of the things no one told me about becoming a mom is that it will make you feel like you are back in high school again. When you first go to the playground with your kids, that is. You're the newbie mom (or dad) and it seems that all the other parents and caretakers there already know each other. You are the outcast. Like the kid in the lunchroom who has no one to sit next to. How do you break the ice? Do you talk to the people with kids around the same age? Or maybe you size up the mom and think ... yeah, she seems like someone I would get along with.
Either way it's hard to make a connection when you often have to run off in different directions to stop your little one from stealing the ball from the older kids at the park. But you look for similarities, ways you are alike, and try to make some parent friends. In doing so I realized how there is 11 types of moms (dads, even caretakers) at the playground ... and these types seem to be standard no matter where I go.

1. Fancy Mom

She's in high heels, her makeup looks perfect, and you really want to know where she bought her clothes. You envy the fact she can run after her kids in a dress and still manage to look like a gazillion bucks.

2. Pajama Mom

She's comfy, cozy, and maybe doesn't match, but she doesn't care. She gives you ideas on what sweats would look best with what t-shirt.

3. Always Coffee In Hand Mom

She's the envy of every tired parent at the playground because she always has her cup of Joe. But it does make some wonder ... is it really coffee?

4. Cell Phone Mom

This mama cannot deconnect from her phone -- talking or texting or scrolling. Maybe it's for work, maybe it's some social network, maybe she's reading the mobile version of a magazine, but she's on the phone so much you start to believe she does have eyes on the back of her head.

5. Photo Taking Mom

This mom must have full photo albums for each day because she's snapping a picture from every angle, for every step her little one takes.

6. "Ack! Where Are My Kids?!" Mom

Let's just say this mom isn't paying a lot of attention to her kids.

7. Hovering Mom

And let's just say this mom is the definition of a helicopter parent, not letting her child take one step without being rightherenexttoher.

8. Peter Pan Mom

Fun, free-spirited mom isn't afraid to slide down the slide, get sand in her toes while building sand castles, and really get into playing at the park.

9. Loner Mom

This type makes no eye contact, and never smiles at the other parents. It's clear she doesn't want to be involved with even the smallest of talk.

10. Super Friendly Mom

Quick to smile and say hello, Super Friendly Mom remembers how old your kids are and even their names. She's the mom who will text you asking for playdates.

11. Entourage Mom

This mom rolls with at least two other moms wherever she goes. It's hard to tell whose kid belongs to who in this group but they're tight and are like the cool kids in the lunchroom.

I think I've been every one of these moms at one time or another. Even Loner Mom ... on those super cranky days.

Which type(s) of mom do you think you are? What other types of moms have you run into at the playground?

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