Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A GREAT Christmas with my little man!

Up & at um at 4:15!  Someone was really excited to see if Santa had arrived!
 Excited to see Santa ate his cookies!
 LOVING his Red DS that Santa brought!
 THANK YOU SANTA...Tanner is a gum fanatic!
 LOVED his sketchpad & artists pencils!  Tanner wants to be an artist when he grows up!
 So excited to have slip on tennis shoes again!  His Dad threw the others away b/c they were TRASHED!
 A little Christmas love here!
 A Christmas gift for Winston!
 My sweet boy & I! 

 Sweet little Britta!
 The cousins!  Payton, Britta, Mallory & Tanner
 My baby boy and I one last time before I take him to his Daddy for some Christmas fun!
 Tanner & his Grandma Jo! 

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