Friday, December 7, 2012

Not so good on my bucket list or resolutions for 2012!

HA...I had high hopes for the year & then things went to pot!  Here's are two lists that I made back in January.  
My bucket list:
I did the jar of memories & 
papers are in tubs by school years

I've tried to be a better homework Mom, didn't do so hot
Had to let Gossa go after the divorce, couldn't afford the $30 a month
I definitely did not freak out less or get less frazzled.  Probably MORE this year!
I'm gonna say Tanner & I did not do so good with one on one at home stuff rather than going out to do things.  It was a CRAZY/DEPRESSED/HORMOMAL year
I tried to focus on my marriage?  That didn't work out at all...divorce

Well, there's always 2013!  The divorce is final, I'm on the lookout for wolves in sheep's clothes & it WILL be a better year!

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