Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 52

I am thankful it's a new day...I am thankful that I have a best friend like Holly that is there for me and just tells me like it is!  I call her crying and a mess and say can you come over here?  I'm just a mess and she's there!  I only hope I'm there for her as much as she is for me...
 "You're just going to have to let yourself feel the pain".  You always try to put on such a strong face she says.  So when I have a day where my heart is aching and remembering the good times, the man I fell in love with like yesterday, I need to let the tears come and feel the sadness and it SUCKS!!  It sucks more than anything in the world!!  I just want to be past this and to move on with my life.  I hate that he's got so much time in my head.  But, I am thankful that I can feel and that I have so many supportive friends and family around me that I can lean on.  THANK YOU!! 

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