Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our sweet baby boy...

All day Friday I kept thinking, I just want to go get another dog.  I wanted another little ball of fluff that I could bury my face in & give kisses too!  I decided we'd adopt and then Saturday morning when I woke up, I got online & went to the Petsmart site to see what they had in regards to adoptions for Saturday. 

I saw this picture & it was over...love at first sight! For both Tanner AND I!
Tanner said we were going to get Copper!

So we went to Petsmart and waited for Copper to arrive.  Tanner wasn't having any other dog, he was tehre for Copper!  It was funny how set he was on that one sweet puppy!
 I was just praying it was meant to be since he was so set on this ONE dog!  
Once we had the approval that Copper was coming home with us, Tanner told me we were calling him Winston! 
 As my sister said, now THAT is a little boy's dog!  
Welcome to the family Winston Copper Yankovich! (We've decided to keep Copper as his middle name)
You're in good hands with this Mama & big brother! 

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