Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 54, 55 & 56

So I'm backtracking a few days to catch up! It's Christmas morning & Tanner is having fun with new toys, so I'm on the computer (as usual) and blogging, facebooking, listening to music, fooling around with pictures...

Day 54...(Sunday) I am thankful for the fun of the Holiday Season!  Fun with friends at parties, getting together with friends & doing fun Holiday stuff, the yummy baking & fun in preparing for parties!  Cookie exchange & gingerbread houses!  Saturday night Tanner & I went to a friends house (The Levendusky's) and had such a good time!  Tanner was spent by the time we got home, he had so much fun playing with his friends! made these yummy sausage balls Sunday evening, toffee on Monday, sticky pecan rolls for Christmas morning are in the fridge & this morning I just made up peppermint fudge today, day 56!  YUM!!

Day 55...I am very thankful that Tanner & I are not sick!  WHOA...three friends backed out on the cookie exchange last night b/c of the flu bug that's going around!  YUCK!  So many people have been down sick with that junk. And there is no worse time than right now and missing the fun of the events and gatherings and then if you had to miss out on Christmas day events with family!?  That would be even WORSE!  UGH...hoping all our friends are feeling better before Christmas!

Day 56...I am thankful for the innocence of children!  

So, the picture of Santa in our family room - SUCCESS! Tanner asked how I got that & I told him I heard some jingle bells and noise on the roof, it woke me up. I said I grabbed the camera and snuck down to see if I could see him! He asked if he heard or saw me & I said I thought so, but I ducked behind the bar & then just waited until he left. I told him I heard him eating the cookies! He thought that was funny. Oh and Tanner said he heard me and snuck out of his bed and saw me snapping pictures with my camera! ;) He wondered if I saw the sleigh & said that's what he would have been trying to see! He also noticed that Santa's bag is not very big. I said I think all the presents are in the big bag up on the sleigh & he fills the smaller bag with the toys being left at each house and comes down the chimney. Because really...how would Santa get the BIG bag down the chimney. I LOVE childhood innocence!

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