Friday, December 21, 2012

I want the man I fell in love with!

I want THIS man...not the man that was really here living with me.  They say a leopard can't hide it's spots and that is true.  You can only hide the real you for so long, especially when you are living under the same roof.

You told me you were a boxer, a personal trainer, you loved nature, you ate healthy & worked out, you told me had been married (Tiffany) and had a 4 year old daughter (Trinity), you told me Tiffany had hte house & everything in it, you told me you missed your dog but that you wouldn't take it away from your daughter, you told me that you gave Tiffany a credit card to use for Trinity but that she would go out and buy $200 bottles of perfume, you told me you were abused as a child by your father, hate your brothers, have always been given the short end of the stick by your Dad while he caters to the other kids and does so much for them, you told me you worked and that you took girls out for $200 dinners, that your brother stole everything from you, you told me knew how to talk around kids, you told me you weren't prejudice, you told me you loved me & that you were going to take care of me, you told me you just wanted me to be happy.  You said you'd never loved someone more than you loved me, that I was nicer to you than anyone has ever been before.  You said you have no friends, just me.  I was your everything and I believed you.  I told you we were a family, I wanted to show you what a real family was about, the love and make you feel more loved than you've ever been.  I wanted to take care of you and I did in every way I knew how. 

None of this was true in the end, well played sir, well played.  You deserve an Oscar for the performance you gave me.  Though others saw through it & were trying to tell me, I turned away from it and just kept on loving you. 

It took months for me to figure this out as you sat in my house drinking daily, taking every prescription drug under the sun, laying in bed watching tv & on the computer.  Some of it never came to me until you trashed my house, killed my dog and were gone.  I'm putting pieces together & remembering things you've said, reading back through old messages and texts with you and so much has come to light about who you really are.  I hope they put you in a rehab program and can get you the help that you need.  You said you'd been told you were bi polar by a Doc before, your Mom and I have said we think the same.  I just want you to get clean, get on some meds that will help balance you out and that you will stop lying to yourself and everyone around you.  Take responsibility for your actions and what you have and don't have in your life, for where you've been.  You prey on women like me, ones that are trusting and naive.  I hope one day you will realize that is not the way we are meant to be.  We are meant to love others and to treat others as we would want to be treated.  Peace and happiness for you, that is what I tell my son we hope for you.  No grudges, life's too short and you taught me a lot. 

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