Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 38 (Sat), Day 39 (Sun), Day 40 (Mon), Day 41 (Tues), Day 42 (Wed)

So...I missed a few days!  Let's see...
Day 38 I'm thankful for coworkers that become friends! Russ came over today & helped me with getting that broken window out and we drove it out to Olathe Glass for them to fix.
Day 39 I'm thankful for having my time back to myself! I get to be as loud as I want and I don't feel like I have to stay around the house & do nothing in order to spend time with Brad. I always felt bad b/c I was gone all week during the day so I would spend as much time wtih him on the weekedns & in the evenings as I could, especially when Tanner was gone & then that meant I was getting NOTHING done. It got to be SO BORING...I am not one to sit around & not get stuff done! I'm so happy to have MY LIFE - MY TIME back!

Day 40 - I'm thankful for my job!  It sucks having to work, but it is nice to know that I have a job to go too!  I get to deal with great people everyday, have a pretty darn flexible job and am very blessed to HAVE a job!  Especially one that is with great benefits like we have!

Day 41 - I'm thankful for people telling me about the Spring Hill Vetrinary clinic!  Took Winston out there today for his first check up since we've adopted him and all was great!  Only $25 for a shot, exam and they took out his stitch from being neutered.

Day 42 - I'm thankful for eye dr's!  Went in for my eye exam today.  It's so nice to be able to have people that have studied that & can help those of us with bad eye site to see! 

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