Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 32

Today (yesterday since I didn't get this posted before bed) I am thankful for good friends that can help "talk ya off the ledge" when you need it!  And meds...meds that help bring the calm and stop the tears!  Those are REALLY something to be thankful for!  Everyone's telling me to feel the grief, that I've got to in order for my heart to heal.  Just so hard.  As one friend said, I always put on such a tough face, I need to let myself FEEL the pain.  I'm really sad this afternoon and missing what I know is NOT EVER GOING TO BE - nor do I really want it deep in my heart.  I know it's not what is best for my son (NUMBER ONE) or myself!  Doesn't make the heart hurt any less...and I miss Coco something terrible today!  Tanner came in to find me laying in bed with Coco's frog.  Yea, pathetic!  This is my life and I honestly can't believe that at some times...Anyways, Susan, Janet & Holly - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being there today!  As Susan reminded me...I can do all things through Christ! 

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