Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 31

I'm gonna keep going with my days of Thanksgiving!  I missed yesterday with all that has been going on, but wanted to be sure I went back & got it!  We got a new puppy today. Friday all I could think was that I wanted another dog.  To have something to snuggle and love on as I had with Coco was what I knew I needed and I thought would be good for Tanner too.  I felt like adopting a dog was going to be perfect for Tanner and I!  We needed a dog and there was a dog that needed us too!  I woke up Saturday morning & went to the Petsmart website and was led to the Heart of America Humane Society site & a puppy named Copper.  Tanner & I fell in love and knew we wanted to go meet him!  So, we made sure we were over at Petsmart at noon when the adoptions started!   

I told Tanner that I think Coco led us to Cooper - now known as Winston.   He thought that was strange, how would a puppy in Heaven bring us a dog? that kid!

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