Friday, December 28, 2012

Our season with Skippy!

Skippy's arrival back was a really fun!  He brought breakfast fit for an Elf!  (or a kid)!  



Tanner was insisting that Skippy was tired from his big trip back so he wanted me to lay him down.  Then I found this picture that Tanner had drawn for him! 

Tanner touched his elf and was really worried.  I reassured him that I would call Santa and it would be OK, it was an accident.  Skippy should have known better than to land on a child's train!  HA...
This letter arrived for Tanner from Santa
  So, we went to Sprinkle the magic glitter...

And in the morning, Skippy was back with a note from Dr Snowball that he was OK & still had his magic!


 Tanner had a great time with his magic peppermints!  I missed the picture of the candy canes that grew while we were gone that day! It was a lot of excitement though!
Skippy even made a trip over to Tanner's Dad's to see if he was behaving!


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