Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 33 & 34

Well, I just couldn't ever think of a new thankful yesterday so I never got it done.  The only thing I could think of that I was thankful for was my Tanner...So I guess I have to use that one again...and everyday thereafter!  I just feel like I'm still in a bit of a fog from the events that have taken place since Thursday night.  My heart is aching more than I can ever remember it aching before.  There are so many people that really just don't get it...I'm VERY thankful for my few friends that have really been able to understand it and not make me feel like a fool. Even if you didn't understand what it felt like to have been in my shoes in that type of relationship, you have never once made me feel like a fool.  Holly, Lynna, Angie, Stacey O., Janet, Susan, Christa, Meskerem, Schonna...I know I am missing some others that have been supportive for me in the way that I needed.  As my sister said, she's gonna have to figure it out for herself.  Making me angry and saying what you felt about my situation wasn't going to make me do anything.  And now that has led me to my thankful for day 34...those friends.  I am thankful to those folks who were there for me in the way that I needed for people to be.  Even if you weren't liking every picture b/c you really didn't have a good feeling about the relationship, you didn't agree with me in the way I was living my life but you were there.  Keeping quiet and now I know praying for changes...thank you! 

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