Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 51

So I'm sitting here thinking, what am I so thankful for?  And it comes to me...Wonderful teachers!  Tanner has such a great first grade teacher!  Mrs Chavez!  He's pretty well always had great teachers...all the way through Goddard School, Kindergarten and now first grade!  We've been very lucky & only had one that I really didn't care for at Goddard.  I don't really even remember her name...maybe it was Melissa or something?  I don't know...anyways, we've had some great teachers so far in along our short way!  Hope the roll keeps on as Tanner continues on!
 Mrs Chavez 

Mrs Scarlett

Ms Ashley

Miss Laura 

 Miss Heather

 Miss Ashley 

 Miss Monica  (One of Tanner's first teacher's at Goddard)

Miss Lauren (another one of Tanner's first teachers at The Goddard School)

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